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Introducing our course instructors!

Tim Reardon

Tim is the founder of Trade Ready Technologies and the trainer for all of the Industrial Courses. He is a Trainer, Applications Specialist,Troubleshooter, and a Proctor for both EPA & NATE.

Need a short bio for Tim.......

Should a technician understand the technology? YES! We think so!

What about Charts, Graphs, Math, Formulas, the Science of HVAC ... Does your technician understand the technology? Probably not!

The psychrometric chart ~ yes, technicians should understant this!

Above, Tim is presenting information about air to a group of students. Based on a fixed mass of air (the pound or kg), there exists a relationship between volume, dry bulb ~ wet bulb temperatures, due point, humidity, water content, and energy content. This technology is fundamental and should be understood by all HVAC technicians ... and yet less than 10% of the technicians out there understand it.

Tim Reardon has spent thousands of hours in the classroom teaching technology. He was recently working with a major HVAC manufacturer when he was given the job of developing an evaluation process that would test the theoretical understanding of the very people who size, install, tune, and repair residential and light commercial heating & cooling systems.

Why hire Tim to train your technicians

He does not guess nor does he use rules of thumb. Instead, he teaches solid engineering principles when training technicians to troubleshoot and design reliable, cost effective, energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

He has taken and taught dozens of engineering and technical courses in college and at post secondary schools and currently holds four trade licenses in the state of Massachusetts.

He is often called upon to solve difficult HVAC problems that other's can't solve. How does he solve them? He understands and uses the technology.

He will often recommend modifying and/or upgrading existing systems instead of specifying new (very expensive) equipment. The results: Better performance and lots of money saved!

Lastly, he is a recognized expert in his trade, and offers his services as a guest lecturer and trainer.

Cindy Jackson

Cindy is the office training instructor and website administrator. She has over 15 years experience in the IT world, is an IT Specialist with a local company in Union, SC and lives in Spartanburg with her husband Teddy and their two daughters.

For more information email us at tradereadytech@gmail.com, or call Tim at: (239)246-1868.

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