Evaluate Yourself

Evaluate Your Technical Staff

Two Problems

  1. The United States is suffering from a severe shortage of qualified HVAC technicians.
  2. Many self-proclaimed 'HVAC technicians' seriously lack adequate theoretical knowledge to do their job correctly.

These statements are supported by numerous reports of HVAC companies having great difficulty hiring qualified technicians. The statements are further supported by the fact that HVAC technicians often improperly size and design systems, improperly install equipment and systems, and improperly startup, troubleshoot, repair, and adjust equipment and systems.

A Solution

Furnaceman Technologies is ready to provide “in depth” theoretical training to members of the HVAC industry. HVAC courses have been developed, training materials have been acquired, computerized presentations have been configured to help present this information in a logical and understandable way. In addition to all this, a needs assessment process which measures technical competency is ready to be given to your staff.

Get Involved

We ask that you allow us to administer our technical needs assessment to your staff. This process consists of a group of worksheets and quizzes that takes about two hours to complete. With this assessment, we will be able to identify where your staff’s strong points are and where your staff might need improvement. Working together, we will review the results, and identify training courses that will improve the technical competency of your staff.

The results of this evaluation process is confidential, and will not be shared with persons outside of your organization.