Math for Mechanical trades:

A "Rock~Solid" 4 Hour Fundamentals Course

As technicians, you are faced with numbers all day long. You calculate lengths, areas, volumes, figure percentage markups and discounts, calculate heating ~ cooling loads, figure power consumption, and estimate fuel savings. Today, we see the metric system, and we often convert from the outdated US Standard to the much better Metric System and visa versa.

Can you calculate how many KW's of electric heat you must add to a water source to raise its temperature 20deg F when the flow rate is 42 liters per minuet? Can you figure how many cubic yards of concrete you must order to pour a 4 inch slab in a structure who's floor plan has many offsets in it? Given a blue print, and told what percentage of air volume must be exhausted each hour, can you calculate how many CFMs you would need to exhaust to meet that requirement ...... and can you then calculate the energy it will take to heat the fresh outside air during winter months because of this new blower? As a technician, you should be able to solve these problems.

We solve real problems with a "oh ... that makes sense" processes. Everyone taking this course walks out being much better at solving trade math problems, and we back that statement up with a 100% money back guaranteed!

Included in Math for the Mechanical Trades