Safety Certification for R-410A Refrigerant

4 Hour Safety Class & Certification for R-410A

Newly manufactured R-410A systems operate on the same principles as R-22 systems, but in many respects, they are truly quite different.

The "Safety Certification for R-410A Refrigerant" class details safety and service procedures when working with this new refrigerant. Because of the higher pressures of R-410-A, new tools, gauges, lubricants, handling and storage procedures are needed to allow you to safely do your work. R-410-A is the choice of most new equipment manufacturers to replace R-22, and it is time to get all the information you can about this new refrigerant. In this class, we will also review other safety issues that pertain to all refrigerants.

After the three hour presentation, participating technicians will be given a certification exam (during the fourth hour). Passing this certification exam is important in that many manufacturers of equipment request it, and many insurance companies provide lower insurance premiums for those companies who have certified technicians. Being certified also looks good on an individuals application for a new position or promotion.

The "Safety Certification for R-410A Refrigerant" courses consist of one three hour class, plus a fourth hour for the exam.