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What Tim's Students Are Saying About Tim's Training

"I think he did a great job. I learned a lot and he covered everything I asked. Great job." - Scott S. - Technician

"Great class! Perfect method of introducing new information." - Robert L. - U.S. Coast Guard

"Learned a lot more than most courses and everyone in class participated in the troubleshooting exercises. It was a lot of fun and it will definitely help me solve problems in the future. " - Carl N. - Technician

"This class is perfect for someone with some hands-on experience. I now understand the "why" of why things work the way they do." - Dan S. - Technician

"Instructor was fantastic! Great material, presented well, a very knowledgeable teacher." - Richard V. - P.E.

"I enjoyed looking at real world problems and the different techniques we can use to troubleshoot them...ways of thinking "outside the box."" - Dan S. - Technician

What Cindy's Students Are Saying About Office Training

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